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Honeywell® Gas Leak Detector

When we are in the kitchen some time we smell Gas leak then we will rush to the gas cylinder and started to worry whether there is an actual leak or not. No need to guess anymore presenting a Gas leak detector from world-class technology manufactures, the Honeywell®

Honeywell® Gas Leak Detector’s sensitive nose can sense lower ppm(parts per million) level of gas that is low as 500ppm. To avoid unnecessary false alarm, LPG detector is calibrated to give an alarm at about 2000ppm. As LPG becomes explosive only after 20000ppm, that is 10 times the concentration at which the detector sounds an alarm.

This model is also fitted with a Heat sensor to give a fire warning. Honeywell® Gas Leak Detector consume low as 4w it is capable of operating in the temperature range -10°c to 70°c without a fail. The device is capable of detecting LPG, CNG and PNG

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