For a cost effective, professional and reliable answer to your CCTV and security issues, turn to ESPPO Technology Solutions. Our engineers continue to excel in their delivery of professional CCTV installation services and maintenance support to the domestic & commercial sector.

HD CCTV installation in Kochi Ernakulam

Top CCTV Installation in Ernakulam

  • Full High Definition LED IP – CCTV Systems
  • Day & Night COLORED Crystal Clear Images
  • View footage on Phone/Tablet/PC
  • 30m Colour Night Vision even in pitch black
  • Professionally Installed
  • Choose how long you record for
  • 12 Month Warranty

Hybrid Video Surveillance

Our high standards and work ethos have also made us hugely popular in the commercial sector, and have successfully helped to build great business relationships with a number of management agencies, hospitals, educational institutions and well-known high street retail brands.

Security camera systems work with IP technology or closed-circuit television technology ( CCTV ). Strategically positioned video security cameras send signals to centralized monitors for watching. ESPPO Technology Solutions provides system equipment kit, installation services, and support services for both kinds of technology.

Professionally Installed CCTV Packages for the Home OR Commercial

Not only does CCTV provide a great deterrent to theft and burglary – many home / commercial owners are using it to gather evidence against anti-social behavior which is blighting many areas.

Families treat Home / Commerical CCTV as an important part of the protection of their home and lifestyle – protecting themselves from intrusion.

  • CCTV provides a great deterrent against theft and burglary – high profile cameras and signage used well can reduce crime significantly.
  • Record continuously on a standalone Digital Video Recorder – giving you peace of mind that any activity in and around your home is being recorded.
  • Infra-red Colour Night Vision – Many systems use IR night vision to record images from completely pitch black areas of your house – such as alleyways and yards.
  • View on your iPhone/iPad – We can set your CCTV System to be viewed on your Smart Phone – just ask.

It is not only large homes that are using CCTV – many home owners are looking for the reassurance that CCTV provides them.

  • Monitor your home while you are away or on holiday
  • Record activity for review at a later date
  • Actively deter criminals by using signage and cameras
  • Keep an eye on who is visiting elderly or dependant relatives

CCTV Cameras for Home

You can either specify wireless CCTV or a wired CCTV camera or Wifi CCTV system for home, however most people opt for wired systems due to their reliability, and it’s important to remember that even wireless cameras need power cables. Ask us for advice.

CCTV on your iPhone / iPad / Mobile

Many of the systems we sell are compatible with Smart Phones. If you’d like to view your CCTV footage through your phone, let us know when you request your quote.

The ability to view CCTV footage of your home on your phone is a powerful tool – not only while you are away, but it is also very easy to see what is going on outside, at your door, behind your garage – anywhere!

IP CCTV Cameras

If you are concerned about crime in your area then you may be considering having CCTV fitted. You’re presented with a wealth of options as soon as you start looking into CCTV cameras from analogue CCTV cameras to HD cameras. But if you really want the best CCTV cameras on the market then you really only have one choice, and that is IP CCTV Cameras.

Reasons To Buy IP CCTV Cameras

  • Image Resolution – The fact is that there are simply no better cameras on the market than IP CCTV cameras. Far better than analogue systems and offering better image resolution than HD cameras, if you want crisp and clear CCTV pictures then IP cameras are the way to go.
  • Ease of Installation – Despite being the most hi-tech cameras on the market, IP CCTV cameras are no more difficult to install than HD or analogue cameras. In fact, most of them these days are plug and play but for insurance purposes and to ensure they are working properly, we recommend that you do use a qualified and experienced CCTV installer to ensure everything is working properly.
  • Analytics – The potential of IP cameras is fantastic, and if you are prepared to invest the money, there is a range of analytical software out there that can provide facial recognition and other interesting and useful features. This makes IP closed circuit television cameras very flexible in terms of the technology they can exploit.
  • Future Proof – As the most advanced cameras on the market, if you wish to future proof yourself as much as possible, then IP CCTV cameras are the only choice as these systems can ‘grow’ with your needs as time goes on. Whilst they may be more expensive than HD and analogue cameras, this future proofing actually makes them a very cost effective choice of CCTV camera in the long term.


CCTV for many years was in analogue standard definition but thanks to advances in technology, more and more CCTV systems are using HD CCTV cameras. This technology uses the same technology as that which is used to broadcast High Definition television and gives users a noticeably better and enhanced image over standard resolution CCTV cameras.

HD CCTV cameras are not the top of the range in terms of quality and they are positioned in between standard range CCTV cameras and megapixel IP CCTV. This ‘mid range’ position gives HD CCTV cameras some unique advantages.

Advantages of HD CCTV Cameras

For only a small price increase over analogue standard definition CCTV cameras, users can reap several advantages:

  • IP cameras cover a much wider area than analog CCTV cameras
  • IP HD systems offer superior expansion and wireless opportunities
  • IP systems offer much more powerful search functions
  • IP systems are likely to be the future of CCTV

Security auditing

We start with analysis of your space and audit the security ricks then start design process. Every project is different and your requirement as well.

Security system installation

After design we start implementing the design by installing the CCTV cameras, storage and monitoring devices.

Deployment and testing

After installation next comes the deployment of software and other soft activities and testing of installed devices and automation etc…

Service and support

We constantly support your systems for its entire lifetime and we will provide the service to your system up on request and with AMC.

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