Are you interested in a solution that simplifies the use of the electronic devices of your office Meeting Rooms, Conference Halls, Home, Living Rooms, Bed Rooms with a system that can integrate, automate all the electronic devices in such areas.

ESPPO Technology Solutions provide stable and reliable integrated meeting room and home automation solutions anywhere in Kerala.

Imagine an atmosphere where you can control your shades, lighting the entire Audiovisual systems in your space that include video screen, audio systems, projectors, touch screens or any other AV system, or the security surveillance, the centralised Air Condition etc.

We provide such solutions that can be integrate automate into a single point of interaction that can be controlled with the touch of your finger tip either via mobile applications or tabs.

Automation solution plays an important role in the new generation of technology giving life to a variety of devices with a simple idea of integration that enables the authorised person to control the devices while being in a single point.

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Perfect Meeting Room Solution for your Organisation

Your conference room appearance and presentation systems play an important role in how you present yourselves as an organisation. A high-tech conference room will always catch the attention of everyone in the confined space when compared to a traditional meeting room with basic technology. An automated office or home ensure a long lasting impression and a professional approach to do business. An active and creative space, well managed and well-integrated will help in assisting any organisation to present itself.

The smart conference room, Home automation systems we provide is of the highest industrial standards tested and certified at every level of installation, we have installed solutions in large magnitude with perfect solutions specifically catered to suit the individual needs of every client. Our Solutions are delivered by professionals who are skilled and trained to create a quality solutions with the intension of providing a solution top of its range. The products ensure a higher productivity and efficiency giving an edge over competitors.

The standards we set are high as we cater to clients very high industrial standards within their industry

State of the art technology used in business meetings of any size organisation will only create a sense of quality in their business activity and the technology used will help to enhance the image of their products and the brand image of the organisation. A well-presented product or business will create a strong and long lasting impression of the business to the personals in the conference of meeting rooms thereby helping to improve communication and the relationship.

The solution can work with all systems and devices managed on a network with the requirement of a single IP address. All systems operate independently and are integrated to complete a smart solution which enables control from a single point.

Advanced automation equipments and tools

Home Automation Solutions we provide are in line with most advanced technological systems available in the market.

We make your home living room , bed rooms monitored and controlled within your finger tips either using software based touch screen or mobile based application anywhere in the world through internet.

We have expertise in providing consultations, designing and implementation of such highly smart home automation solutions . We have partnered with many world class home automation system companies to provide such reliable and easy to use solutions for your most modern home.

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