The use of renowned brands and skilled techniques has enabled the PA system implementation process bring great success to the PA system division at ESPPO.

Wireless PA System Technology for Meeting Room & Conference Hall

We, ESPPO Technology Solutions are able to provide system integration using hardware and software to develop a state of the art wireless PA system in delivery perfection. This creates an opportunity for easy installation both quicker and easier access with added features unlike ever before with a good design and system implementation.

Fire Alarm Integrated Voice evacuation system

Such systems automatically announces evacuation messages on a trigger from fire alarm panel. This is a part of fire alarm system to make automatic voice messages in big venues, hospitals, hotels and stadiums.

PA system for meeting Rooms and Conference Halls

These types of specialized solutions and systems are much technologically advanced system meeting today’s world of meetings and conferences requirements.

Wireless clip microphone, wireless audio conferencing systems, delegate microphones, are some of the parts of such advanced meeting room addressing solutions. Devices for Echo cancellations are to be used in such PA system installations at conference halls and meeting room PA system Solutions.

IP Based PA Smart system

It is world of IP systems, so as PA system as well, IP based public addressing system and announcement system uses IP data transfer protocol and Network based protocol for transferring voice data across the system and place. IP PA system makes installation and integration with other system much easier than analogue based PA system. Smart IP Based PA system can be automatically set to make certain recorded announcements with use of software.

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