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BLC Function (Back Light Compensation) The BLC (Back Light Compensation) function makes objects in front of a bright scene (such as a window on a bright sunny day) clearer to see by increasing their brightness and making the background darker. To turn on the BLC function flick the DIP switch to the BLC position, to turn it off, flick the DIP switch to the OFF position.

AE Function (Automatic Exposure) For better performance in low light conditions the AE (Automatic Exposure) automatically detects the light level and maintains a clear picture if this mode is activated.

AWB Function (Automatic White Balance) This feature automatically adjusts the color temperature of the camera image to match the type of light available, so that white and other colors appear as natural as possible.

AGC Function (Automatic Gain Control) For better performance in low light conditions the AGC (Automatic Gain Control) can be increased from the standard 16db to 26db. This has the effect of making the picture brighter (however it may also add more noise to the picture, as it is amplifying all aspects of the video               b

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