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Voice Aid for Teachers

NBA 20DP is a neckband PA system which is recommended by Doctors. Continuously teaching by maintaining a high volume in a crowded classroom is a  major strain on your vocal cords. NBA 20DP elegant and compact ultra-portable PA amplifier with a maximum output power of 12W. It has a built-in MP3 digital player for playback of music through a USB drive or a TF card. The special circuitry provides low distortion even at high output power. Built-in high capacity rechargeable lithium-ion battery. Low battery LED indicator. Provided Ø 3.5mm Mic input socket for connecting the headband microphone and 3.5mm Line input socket for connecting a DVD, CD or an MP3 player. Apart from the headband mic provided, the mic input socket can also accept input from Ahuja Condenser Microphones CTP-10DX, UTP-30 (used without their cell compartment). The unit can be used while hanging on the shoulder or by putting around the neck. The device is ideal for Teaching, Tour Guides, Yoga Classes, Play Schools etc.

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