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CCTV footage is quite famous nowadays, even a guy who is illiterate about computer technology aware of this third eye, anything performed in front of this device serve as an evidence that simple thought is enough to prevent a crime. In every crime scene police always search for availability of any CCTV footage, in most cases, they even get one. crime can happen in any place at any time but places with a CCTV have less possibility to be a crime scene. CCTV not only used to prevent crime scene it is also used to increase production capacity of a company by inducing a sense of being watched.

Security surveillance systems do not come cheap, and thousands of rupees have to be invested to make a surveillance system successful. You have to make sure a guard is there to monitor the system throughout the day. The cameras have to be placed at strategic locations, and for that, a special team of surveillance experts is required.

Surveillance cameras can be purchased for any sort of facility, be it your office, or home, or even a monument of capital interest. Installing a security system for your home or office is not a decision that should be taken lightly. You should thoroughly survey your property to decide which areas need security surveillance. If you are unable to make up your mind, you could also consult with the surveillance experts. You could also think of including motion detectors for your backyard or the main gate.

Nowadays, you can find most of the security surveillance system online, it is best not to buy from online cause the online product will get any warranty or service. Before making your decision to purchase a system you should do careful research regarding cost, durability, and ease of use against the systems. Some of the useful tips to consider before you purchase your system are as follows:

  1.  Choose an experienced CCTV integrator
  2. should have a basic idea which is the area you want to monitor 
  3. choose a good brand for your camera (Zicom, Hikvision)


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